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Commissary Kitchen Membership & Rentals in Mobile, ALNourish Your Business with Our Membership Program

Our membership offers more than just access to our facilities; it's an invitation to join a community committed to nurturing your business at every stage. Enjoy 24/7 access, coupled with training and guidance for both new and seasoned culinary professionals. We also provide enhanced online visibility and opportunities to highlight the unique offerings of your business to a wider audience.

Shared Kitchen Memberships

Collaborative Culinary Creation: Inside Our Shared Incubator Kitchen

From initial prep to the final garnish, our kitchen is the perfect backdrop for culinary innovation and efficiency, ensuring your creations come to life effortlessly.

  • Cold & Dry Storage Access
  • Professional Equipment
  • Specialized Work Stations
  • Bonus Business Resources

Member Benefits

Focus on Your Culinary Dreams, We'll Handle the Rest

Free/Discounted Training Opportunities
As our community expands, we are excited to present an increasing array of opportunities for business growth and learning. Our Members will have access to a variety of training sessions and interactive food courses at exclusive, discounted rates. Additionally, our versatile multipurpose spaces are available to our Members at preferential pricing. These offerings are part of our commitment to support and nurture the growth of your business within our vibrant community.
Professional Amenities
Our Members benefit from complimentary high-speed internet access and round-the-clock Commissary entry, secured with both interior and exterior camera surveillance for enhanced safety and security. Additionally, we provide convenient grease and trash disposal services, along with access to our dishwasher, ensuring a seamless and efficient kitchen experience.
Increased Online Visibility
Every member benefits from a dedicated feature space on our website, which prominently showcases your business. This includes displaying information about your business, alongside photos and menus. Additionally, we provide direct links to all your social media platforms and websites, ensuring your online presence is both cohesive and easily accessible.
Business Support
Our skilled team provides personalized business guidance, encompassing aspects like branding, social media management, and networking opportunities. At our core, we offer more than just a workspace; we offer a dynamic environment where your business can thrive and grow.

Equipment & Storage

Continental Facilities For Members

Our kitchen is equipped with the latest and most reliable commercial-grade equipment to support your culinary endeavors. From ovens and stoves to mixers and refrigeration, you'll have everything you need to bring your culinary creations to life.

Types of work stations


Storage Rooms


Walk-in fridge/freezers


Professional Equipment

5 Star

Baker's Corner

Our Baker's Corner is a uniquely tailored space dedicated to the art of baking and pastry preparation. Every appliance and tool has been thoughtfully selected to enhance your baking experience. Whether you're a seasoned pastry chef or a budding baker, this is the perfect place to bring your sweetest visions to life.

Dual Convection Ovens

Our pair of top-notch convection ovens ensure even heat distribution, perfect for everything from delicate pastries to hearty breads.

16 Quart Stand Mixer

Ideal for handling large batches, this robust mixer can mix, knead, and whip up your ingredients to perfection.

Compact Stand Mixer

For smaller tasks or more intricate recipes, our smaller mixer offers the same quality performance in a more compact size.

Versatile Blender

From smooth purees to finely crushed ingredients, our high-performance blender adds a touch of finesse to your creations.

Chef's Section

Our Chef's Section is divided into two distinct areas: a dynamic cooking area and a well-equipped prep area. This division is key to facilitating a seamless cooking experience, allowing for both elaborate cooking techniques and meticulous ingredient preparation.

Twin Stoves with Grills

These are the cornerstone of our cooking area, offering versatility for a range of cooking methods, from sautéing to grilling.

Professional Fryer

Perfect for achieving that golden crispiness, our fryer is a must-have for a variety of culinary delights.

Two Cook Stations

Fully equipped and strategically placed, these stations provide ample space for multitasking and culinary experimentation.

Two Prep Stations

Designed for efficiency, these stations provide the perfect space for washing, cutting, marinating, and other preparatory tasks.

Caterer’s Corner

Adjacent to the Chef's Section, the Caterer’s Corner is a specialized extension tailored for catering professionals. This space complements the Chef's Section, offering additional resources for those preparing food for larger activities.

Stainless Steel Prep Tables

Plenty of room to prepare all your ingredients!

Professional Deli Slicer

A slicing machine will be added to our offerings soon.

Mini Prep Area

This Mini Prep Area is more than just a space – it's a streamlined solution for fast and efficient meal preparation. Whether you're running a food truck, a small café, or need a quick-access point for light meals in a larger establishment, our Mini Prep Area is designed to meet your needs with ease and convenience.

Sandwich Fridge with Cubbies

This innovative fridge not only keeps your ingredients fresh but also comes with handy cubbies, making organization a breeze. It's perfect for storing a variety of items, ensuring they're easily accessible for speedy sandwich and salad assembly.

Processor’s Corner

The Processor's Corner is a unique and specialized area purposefully set apart from the main kitchen, catering specifically to the needs of businesses focused on food processing and packaging. This dedicated section is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and small-scale producers who require a distinct space for preparing and packaging their culinary creations, such as salsa, for distribution.

Dedicated Processing and Packaging Area

Our space is entirely devoted to the processing and packaging phases, providing an organized and controlled environment for your products. This separation from the main kitchen area ensures that your production process is uninterrupted and focused, leading to higher efficiency and better quality control.

Cold & Dry Storage

Flexible Storage Add-ons

Maintain effortless access to all your ingredients with our versatile food storage solutions! Catering to our Members, we provide both refrigerated and dry storage options. Our dry pantry area is thoughtfully designed to meet diverse storage requirements, featuring individual shelves for smaller needs, as well as spacious, locker-style large pantries for more extensive storage demands. Whether you're storing a handful of items or a large inventory, we've got your storage needs covered.

Cold Storage
  • Refridgerator Shelf | $30/month
  • Freezer Shelf | $30/month

Cold Storage
  • Dry Storage Shelf | $30/month

We Support Food Trucks

  • 50v Power Hookups
  • External Hot/Cold Water Access
  • Trash & Grease Disposal

Membership Plans

Choose a membership plan that fits your culinary journey.

3 Months

Short term memberships for culinary freelancers.


  • Kitchen Usage
  • Discounted Business Training
  • Dishwasher Access
  • Wifi

6 Months

Most popular

Ideal for start-ups and small culinary businesses.


  • Kitchen Usage
  • Discounted Business Training
  • Dishwasher Access
  • Wifi
  • Marketing on our Member Gallery

12 Months

Long term memberships for established culinary businesses.


  • Kitchen Usage
  • Discounted Business Training
  • Dishwasher Access
  • Wifi
  • Marketing on our Member Gallery

Special Occasion Pricing


Getting ready for a special activity or just need a temporary kitchen space? We offer "Special Occasion Pricing" for short-term rentals.

  • Great for special events and temporary kitchen space.
  • Inclusions / Exclusions

Membership Process

Joining The Continental Kitchen is simple and straightforward.

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