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Dive into a melting pot of ideas where food entrepreneurs, chefs, and community members blend their passions to create something extraordinary.

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Cooking Up Community

In the heart of Mobile, The Continental Kitchen is more than a shared space – it's a shared vision. As a non-profit, we're dedicated to dishing out opportunities for local chefs, food entrepreneurs, and culinary enthusiasts.
Our kitchen is your canvas; let's create a masterpiece that feeds both the body and soul.

From Recipe to Reality

Whether you're rolling out a food truck dream, teaching the art of cuisine, or hosting a feast that friends will savor, we're your basecamp for culinary exploration. Our doors are open to the flavors of possibility, offering a buffet of resources for those hungry for success and community connection.

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The missing ingredients for your business

We offer a variety of services to help you grow your food business.

Learn & Grow

Training & Education

We host trainings and activities for food entrepreneurs.

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  • SafeServ Food Safety
  • Food Entrepreneurship
  • Industry Recognized Certifications

Connect & Create


Have a dream? We want to help you realize it.

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  • 24/7 Kitchen Access
  • Discounted Training
  • Reduced Rate Space Usage
  • Cold & dry storage
  • Accommodations for labeling & packaging
  • Amplified online presence

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Multipurpose Spaces

We've got room for your next event, meeting, or workshop.

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  • Multiple Spaces Available
  • In House Catering Options

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Classes & Activities

The Continental Kitchen is always bustling with activity. We host a variety of classes and events, from interactive food demonstrations, pop up dinners to private events. Check out our calendar below to see what’s coming up!

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Continental Kitchen Grand Opening


10:00 am - 2:00 pm | February 22

Continental Kitchen

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Our business incubation program offers food and beverage enterprises a low-risk avenue to experiment, expand, and evolve their operations. This is achieved without the financial burden and responsibility of equipping, operating, and maintaining a personal commercial culinary space. Our facilities are available on a 24/7 basis to accommodate every schedule!

To accommodate your needs, our facility provides various storage options. You have access to cold storage in our walk-in refrigerator and freezer, along with several independent units. Additionally, we offer ample dry storage solutions, including shelving units, and private lockers.
Members can easily reserve kitchen spaces tailored to their specific requirements through our user-friendly mobile app. Our facility offers a variety of areas specially designed for different culinary activities, including prepping, baking, cooking, frying, as well as spaces dedicated to packaging and labeling.
Specialized Stations
Our facility includes a space that is fully compliant with coding regulations, specifically designated for packaging and labeling tasks. This area is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment optimized for tasks such as applying labels, shrink-wrapping, and securely sealing packages.
Our members benefit from a dedicated section on our website that showcases their business and products. Additionally, we aim to feature our members on our social media platforms whenever possible, enhancing their online presence and visibility.
Online Presence

Multipurpose Spaces
Room to Celebrate

Our newly remodeled multi-use facility offers a diverse range of spaces, perfect for meetings, gatherings, and business functions. With state-of-the-art amenities and customizable rooms, we cater to all your activity needs.

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Perfect for leisure & corporate events

Tailored for meetings & conferences.

Interactive Food Demonstrations

Continental Kitchen's bar area

A non-profit organization that provides shared kitchen spaces, training, and a hub for food entrepreneurs.


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