Meet Mobile Alabama's Commissary Kitchen

Empowering Culinary Dreams in the Gulf Coast

At The Continental Kitchen, we're more than just a commissary kitchen. We're a beacon of hope and a platform of growth for minority food entrepreneurs in the Gulf Coast region.

Founded in Mobile, Alabama, our non-profit organization stands at the forefront of culinary and cultural development, dedicated to empowering those especially who have been undeserved in the food industry - women and minorities.

The recipe for success

  1. A generous cup of Community Empowerment
  2. Two tablespoons of Educational Programs
  3. A heaping scoop of Business Incubation
  4. A dash of Cultural Enrichment
  5. A sprinkle of Professional Facilities
  6. An ample portion of Support Services
  1. Begin with a Base of Community Empowerment

    Mix together diverse food entrepreneurs, especially women and minorities, in the vibrant Gulf Coast region.

  2. Stir in Educational Programs

    Blend classes in business fundamentals and health department regulations, available in English and Spanish, until knowledge is well-incorporated.

  3. Add Business Incubation

    Fold in a professional workspace and business know-how to help culinary ideas rise.

  4. Season with Cultural Enrichment

    Infuse the mixture with rich, diverse cuisines to enhance the cultural flavor of South Alabama.

  5. Layer in Professional Facilities

    Equip with two licensed kitchens, a baking kitchen, prep areas, storage, and a conference room for the perfect blend of functionality and inspiration.

  6. Top Off with Support Services

    Garnish with business assessments, lessons, and resources from the Innovation Portal and the Small Business Development Association for a well-rounded culinary enterprise.

Serving Suggestion

Serve this empowering mixture in a community setting, garnished with collaboration, innovation, and a dash of culinary passion. Best enjoyed with a side of entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst for making a difference in the food industry.

Chef's Note

Every batch is unique and reflects the dreams and hard work of our incredible community of food entrepreneurs. With each serving, we're not just feeding bodies but nourishing souls and building a more prosperous and culturally diverse culinary world.

Yield: 1 Community Kitchen

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Together, we can create a more prosperous and culturally rich culinary community in the Gulf Coast region.

Thanks to our sponsors

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our sponsors, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in turning our long-cherished dream of establishing a shared community kitchen into reality. Their generous contributions are not merely financial; they are investments in the fabric of our community, enriching the lives of numerous local food entrepreneurs.

Their gracious investment extends beyond the present, weaving into the cultural and economic tapestry of our community, shaping a vibrant and inclusive future for all.

By breaking down barriers and offering ongoing support, our sponsors play a critical role in nurturing the talents of these culinary artisans. This, in turn, diversifies and enhances our local food scene, introducing exciting new flavors and experiences to our area. More than just benefactors, our sponsors have shown a deep commitment to the future of Mobile, and their contribution will be remembered and appreciated for generations.

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Staff & Board Members
Meet the Team

Our team is a dynamic blend of experienced chefs, business mentors, and passionate educators, all united by a common goal: to uplift and empower culinary talents. We boast a diverse and inclusive team, reflective of the community we serve.

Board Members

Leida Javier


Leida Javier-Ferrell, P.H.D.
  • Cynthia Knowlton

    Cynthia Knowlton


  • Guillermo Belloso

    Guillermo Belloso

    Director of Operations @ Mobile Paint

  • Nivia MacDonald

    Nivia MacDonald

    Sr. Accounting Clerk @ Compass Group

  • Silvia Skultety

    Silvia Skultety

    Owner @ Mobile Bay Real Estate

  • Danny Calametti

    Danny Calametti

    CEO @ Alabama Coasting

  • Courtney Steele

    Courtney Steele

    Director of Marketing & Public Relations @ Bishop State

Continental Crew

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Nailim Sanchez, undefined at the Continental Kitchen

    Nailim Sanchez

    "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters."
    - Colossians 3:23

    "Y todo lo que hagáis, hacedlo de corazón, como para el Señor y no para los hombres."
    - Colosenses. 3:23

A non-profit organization that provides shared kitchen spaces, training, and a hub for food entrepreneurs.


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